Want to actively grow your business?
Willis Towers Watson Network Members do

Willis Towers Watson Networks
We give our Network Members the insurer connections and resource backing to enhance their local expertise with our global support.

Willis Towers Watson Networks is a community designed to nurture the growth and aspiration of our Network Members. We provide access and relationships with an A-rated insurer panel, expertise within Willis Towers Watson and support from like-minded colleagues to achieve your goals.

Your independence is a keystone of our philosophy.

Our proposition is quite simple: retain your independent status and we will support your aspiration. Willis Towers Watson uses Network Members to place its SME business and does not compete for business in this space.

Your independent voice. Our global support. It’s a powerful combination.

We provide our Network Members with a wide range of resources, including personalised marketing consultancy, unique policy wordings, bespoke training & development, and expert business planning, IT and compliance support.