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The network for professional, growth-focused independent insurance brokers

WTW Networks is a boutique network for highly professional independent insurance brokers. It is the preferred network for brokers seeking an inspiring partner who will invest time in them and provide the impetus for their growth journey.

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The network for professional and growth-focused independent insurance brokers

Having a network partner that matches their energy, and shares their aspirations and values, is also key for our progressive and dynamic Network Members.

WTW Network Members want every aspect of their brokerage and its book of business to be fully understood. They view that as a pre-requisite for growth and future prosperity.

It is this in-depth understanding, that we provide to each and every Member without fail, which enables us to create a bespoke partnership and a tailored proposition to each of our Members.

Our history as a network for independent insurance brokers

WTW Networks has been passionately championing independent brokers for 25 years. We use our status as possibly the only truly independently owned broker network, to leverage tangible benefits for our Members.

Throughout our quarter of a century, we have shown an unswerving commitment to fostering a spirit of true collaboration within every aspect of the Network’s operation.

WTW Network Members continue to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the backing and committed support of WTW – a global insurance player with a hugely respected brand.

Our belief in independent brokers

WTW Networks recognises the vital role independent brokers play. We understand the importance of having local brokers continue to support customers in an optimal way, through the provision of best advice and suitable insurance products.

We recognise that a thriving broker community is in the best interests of insurers too, in terms of their own profitability and capacity to maintain a flow of quality insurance provision.

Consequently, we channel all advantages accruing from our independence and the buying power and reputation of WTW. Utilising these, our Network brings Members, A-rated insurers and the wider expertise within the WTW organisation together, for mutual gain and competitive benefit. The Network works for all three parties and therein lies its strength.

Network Members viewed as individuals

The team at WTW Networks is delighted to work closely, on a day-to-day basis, with individual Members, treated as real people. Each one is a unique broker partner to us, not just another number on a spreadsheet.

We diligently listen to each Member’s concerns, issues, vision and support needs, as we build our picture of the broker and gain a deep understanding of the identity of their individual brokerage. We then utilise our insurance market connections, data intelligence and expertise, to create the bespoke package that will help an individual broker achieve their targets.

The identity of our independent broker network

We are immensely proud that the ‘feel’ of our network is a distinctly family one.

When an independent insurance broker joins WTW Networks, they know their Business Partner will be their ally. They also appreciate that the extended family is one of 46,000 people and, when they join WTW Networks, they can access the expertise of all.

They recognise that the family approach will enable them to forge peer relationships with like-minded insurance brokers, who will be equally supportive and not operate in a competitive way but in a collaborative manner.

Our Members appreciate that our points of difference – and the family feel – make us the network of choice for highly professional independent insurance brokers.

If you are ready to find out more about joining WTW Networks, please get in touch by clicking the link below, or visit the rest of the website to find out more.

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We are delighted that our WTW Networks has gone from strength to strength and demonstrates our commitment to supporting independent brokers across the UK. By providing them with access to our superior data and analytical capabilities, the Network enables WTW to support small and medium sized enterprises across the UK and Northern Ireland. Alastair Swift, Head of Global Lines and CEO of Willis Limited
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