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The benefits of becoming a WTW Networks Member are plain to see, with a host of growth-focused services available to those professional and ambitious brokers who recognise our points of difference as a Network.

Whilst the services are the eye-catching elements to the offer, do not underestimate the powerful benefit that comes from having a focused growth programme, boutique approach and family identity within the Network. These factors alone can together comprise the support that many brokers require, as they embark on, or continue along, their growth journey. To some, the ‘services’ they can access are almost secondary, with the data insight, mentoring and personal understanding of each broker being the elements that really provide the growth injection.

Business School

Our Business School has its own stand-out reputation in the market. It provides over 1000 CPD countable hours of training to Network Members each year, through a variety of courses and formats, be that webinars, Zoom one-to-one sessions or face-to-face training days.

The fact that over 700 members of staff, drawn from our Members’ brokerages, use the Business School each year, speaks volumes about the value our Members derive from it. The training can be tailored and focused on what an individual brokerage needs. With so many options available, it enables a brokerage to deliver relevant and focused skills training to employees and managers, to an extent that would probably be unaffordable in the outside world.

Marketing Services

WTW Networks dedicated and highly experienced marketing team can work with any Network Member, to develop a bespoke marketing plan that will boost the brokerage, whether that be in terms of brand identity, online presence or sales leads.

Our Members typically find their growth strategies augmented, through the provision of practical marketing help, support and advice by our marketing team.

Whether you are a start-up broker, needing to create a new identity and find the right trading name, or an established broker who has a requirement for a website, e-newsletter support or an enhanced sales pipeline, the marketing team can assist. Their expertise can save you significant sums but also help you achieve the marketing focus your brokerage requires, as it takes the next steps on its growth journey.

Business Optimisation

Our broking and placement consultancy has been praised for decades but has now been amplified through our concentration on Network data and the insight it can provide for those brokers seeking growth. By analysing where an individual broker is missing out on opportunities that other similar brokerages are enjoying, we are able to drive growth in a very personal and tailored way. By marrying up data insight with our personal insight – which derives from knowing our brokers inside-out – we can make a tangible difference to growth programmes.

Working with A-rated partner insurers, which enjoy enormous stability and have earned their global reputations, we can optimise your broking and placement strategies. This can help focus Member broker’s efforts on those aspects of sales and broking that pay dividends, rather than frittering away time on those that do not.

By also working with insurers willing to work with our independent insurance brokers, and supply unique policy wordings when required, we can also help boost sales and provide Members with talking points that can be taken to clients, as part of a sales effort.

Tech Desk

Our tech desk is a hugely popular part of our offering, allowing Members to always have a reference point when they are unsure about policy wording or unclear whether a client is able to claim on their policy.

Our policy wording experts interpret policies for our Members, add clarity where required and can suggest how an insurer is likely to view a claim. They often provide valuable opinions on exclusions, conditions and warranties, definitions and clients’ contractual agreements. Their input can enable Members to secure ‘expert’ positioning in the eyes of their clients, even before a claim is made.

Business Planning & Development

Our Business Partners are, in many ways, business mentors, who can work with you to regularly review your business plan and assess where new actions are required. By understanding your business inside-out, they can deliver tailored, relevant and do-able suggestions, to help keep your growth on track. By virtue of working so closely with you, they can also become your business motivators and valuable sounding-boards, helping you to hit your targets, whilst avoiding strategies that are not right for your business.

Their commitment to your growth will be unswerving, at every stage of your brokerage’s development. This is an invaluable resource but one which is also totally focused on allowing you and your brokerage to succeed.

By advising which parts of the vast number of resources available to WTW Network Members you require, at the ideal time for you and you alone, they can ensure you optimise the benefits of membership. You need not waste time on peripheral activities more suitable for deployment at a different time within your growth journey.

Technology Solutions

Having led the way as the digital broker network, we offer a number of technology-backed solutions that can streamline your broking business and enrich your sales efforts. With this technology at your fingertips, you do not have to invest in many systems yourself. Simply tap into the technology that comes with your WTW Networks membership and reap the advantages.

Networking within our Business Family

Our WTW Network Members enjoy many events that offer opportunities to meet with and engage with fellow Members, insurers and key personnel from WTW. These events foster the spirit of collaboration within the network, allow for ideas to be shared and help Members gain a sense of being far from alone when it comes to challenges.

One-to-one meetings with the Networks team are always available but we also host several regional meetings each year (both virtually and in person). Add to this a one-day event held each November and our annual international forum and there is every chance to listen and learn from industry experts and fellow Members.

Working together, for mutual benefit, is hugely important to us. We strive to achieve this by keeping Network goals aligned with the needs of our Members, so our membership offering never declines in relevance for all of those who join our ‘family’.

We are successful for the support, help and expertise of WTW Networks. Vikram Doshi, Gracechurch Private Clients
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