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Business School

Our Business School delivers over 1000 hours of training each year to our Networks Members across various formats. Over 700 Network Member staff use the Business School for their benefit each year and the content has ranged from 15 minutes web bites, through to full day face to face training.

Our Business School provides our Network Members with training that suits their particular needs. For staff development, for business development and for skills uplift; the Business School use many different platforms to deliver Network Members training wants, to fit around their business.

The Business School makes use of modern technology to deliver webinars direct to the individual desk as well as the more traditional face to face learning. A very popular introduction has been our 15 Minute “bite sized” webinars.

I can sincerely state that our membership of WTW Networks has been the absolute cornerstone of our business. Andy Clarke, Clarke Dove (Insurance Brokers) Ltd

We can help with start-ups and first steps, as long as you have the ambition to match ours.

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Marketing Services

Driving enquiries improving brand image, gaining a competitive advantage delivering a USP that will set you above the competition. Our dedicated marketing team can work with you achieve these goals and more. This part of our inclusive service really makes a difference for our Network Members and you will see a tangible difference from their support

From the first impression you give your customers, which could be via your website, through to delivering impactful sales campaigns, our consultants will provide practical help, support and advice to help you achieve your business growth aspirations.

We’ll give you access to ‘MyAcquire’, a bespoke CRM system that allows you to track your clients’ details, build a robust sales pipeline and deploy sales campaigns. We will also provide you with full system training and support.

As part of our service, we will audit your website and advise you how to make the most impact. Your website is your shop window – the public representation of your brand, and we will advise you how to get more people visiting it, promoting your business to best effect.

We can help you with sales leads targeting, telemarketing, social media and lead generation; direct mail; and specific industry targeting, advising you how to better engage with your prospects and customers.

Whatever your needs, our dedicated in-house team will help you drive your business growth.

Technology Solutions

As a Network, we are developing our own digital strategy for the benefit of our Network Members and we have invested in developing our own bespoke technology for the benefit of our Network Members.

We seek Network Members who are keen to engage in the Networks activities, work with our partner insurers and to grow their business. That is why we are one of the stand out Insurance Broker Networks in the UK.

If you have the aspiration to grow and you share our approach to business, we want to talk to you. There are no set criteria, just ambition to match our ambition level and an over- riding desire to achieve.

In return, we’ll provide you with a huge range of products and services, the help and support of an experienced team, and the opportunity to network with like-minded professional independent regional brokers, providing all you need to help build your business.

Through the “Focus on You” programme we receive valuable input from the WTW team which allows us to share and shape our plans for our business. Steve Beeley, Routen Chaplin

Business Optimisation

WTW Networks works with A-rated Partner Insurers with stability and global reputations.  Our relationships are longstanding and often enable us to gain tactical advantages for you, when it comes to your book of business and the returns you gain from your sales efforts.

Our broking and placement consultancy frequently elicits praise from our Network Members, particularly as we can identify insurance policies that are not working hard enough for you, suggesting consolidation programmes, without forcing you to abandon any specific deals or relationships you have built.  Add to this enhanced policy wordings  which makes our entire Networks proposition really benefit you.

Tech Desk

Even insurance professionals can have queries on insurer policy wordings, particularly when a client is going through a claim and there is uncertainty about their entitlement.

To assist with all quandaries about cover, we have our highly experienced Tech Desk, manned by policy wording experts who can help interpret policies, provide opinions on exclusions, conditions and warranties, definitions, and clients’ contractual agreements, and suggest insurer responses to potential client claims. This can enhance your customer centricity and prevent claims issues even before a claim has been notified.

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Business Planning & Development

Our Network Members are not figures on a spreadsheet and our ‘Focus on You’ programme proves it.  This is solely focused on helping you build a strong and sustainable business and all about your individual growth and our understanding of your commercial brokerage.

A regular review of your business plan, progress towards targets, and achievements over the course of the period under the microscope, helps you to focus on the important building blocks – ongoing goal attainment.  We will mentor you through your business planning, offering you consultancy, in-depth support and bespoke suggestions and strategies.

Plan, progress and evaluate – that’s our mantra as we strive to help you achieve a sustained upswing in business.

Your Business Partner is your own go-to sounding board and adviser, committed to your business growth.  They nurture your development, whilst also listening and acting on your concerns and suggesting how to tackle individual challenges. With just a few brokers each to mentor our Business Partners are there for you, during every stage of your growth.

Networking & Community

WTW Networks is an insurance business family bringing A-rated Insurers and the resources of Willis Towers Watson together to back our Network Members’ own local expertise.

As a Network Member you will benefit from the many events we host and opportunities to engage with fellow Members, insurers and key people from Willis Towers Watson. Gathering together and collectively working with each other is one of the reasons for our continued success and that of our Network Members and Insurer Partners.

In addition to one to one meetings with the Networks team, we host several regional assemblies each year (both virtually and in person), a one day event held each November and annual international forum. All of our events are intended to generate new opportunities, learn from each other, listen to industry experts and collectively prioritise the Network forward direction.

As a Network, we believe in working together. In practice, we strive to achieve this through working with our Network Member led Governance Committee. A group of 8 Network Members who represent the membership community and work with the Networks leadership team to ensure the goals of the Network are aligned with those of our Members.

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