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What can we help you find?

Is our Network right for you?

Choosing the right broker network is key, so take time to get this right.  Our Network will not be right for everyone and we recognise the importance of vision and values alignment.

Here is a quick checklist of what we stand for, if you wish to consider whether or not we can fuel your business growth.

  • We firmly believe in independent commercial insurance brokers and work best with those who have the same commitment to insurance provision, at the hub of communities.
  • We believe in sharing the benefits of being both locally focused, but globally backed, with our Network Members.
  • We are committed to excellence and high standards of professionalism, hence our awards and our Chartered Insurance status.
  • We want to work with those commercial insurance brokers who share our values and know we can deliver the best growth and results for those who believe in the same things.
  • We embrace commercial insurance brokers who wish to grow in a compliant and profitable way, utilising the in-depth advice, informed tactics, access to market and benefits derived from our Partner Insurer relationships.
  • We are developing our own proposition as the digital broker network and we want to work with Network Members focused on enhancing their own digital capabilities in a rapidly changing business environment.
  • We relish working with those who wish to play their part in a Network, by engaging with us, our other Network Members and our Partner Insurers, as they grow their commercial insurance brokerage.
  • We welcome ambitious brokers and those determined to succeed and achieve. There is no replacement for passion and aspiration.
  • We are wholly focused on developing tools and training programmes, mentoring, peer networking opportunities and other means to deliver competitive advantage to our Members. In return, we just ask Network Members to consider these options to grow their commercial insurance business and to work with their dedicated, allocated Business Partner towards that goal.


If this sounds like a framework within which you could be happy and thrive, we would love you to get in contact with us.

Our Support

We’ll help you develop and strengthen your insurer relationships with our Partner Insurer panel, reviewing your broking and placement strategy to ensure you are making your book work to your best advantage, without compromising any exclusive deals you may have.

We do not compete against our Network Members for SME business.

We negotiate wider policy wordings and exclusive products, providing technical help with wording queries when you need it, particularly in tricky or unusual claims situations.

All of this and more gives you the platform to deliver optimum value and outstanding cover to your clients, helping you to build your business.

Established Brokers

We are actively looking for Network Members with the ambition to achieve success

Many of our most successful Network Members all share a common trait; they established themselves locally and grew nationally. With changing market conditions, established brokers are finding it harder to compete, hold on to clients and stave off competition.

We pride ourselves on helping you, an established broker take the next step and realise your ambitions and grow your businesses further. We have a wide breadth of services at your disposal to take advantage of; from training and professional development through to strategic placement support and market relationship management.

Having established yourself regionally, we understand the struggles that can be involved in moving forward.  Allow WTW Networks to be the catalyst for your business.

We can help with start-ups and first steps, as long as you have the ambition to match ours.

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Through the “Focus on You” programme we receive valuable input from the WTW team which allows us to share and shape our plans for our business. Steve Beeley, Routen Chaplin

Appointed Representatives

Talented commercial insurance account executives, used to bringing in business for an employer, may well be tempted to launch their own brokerage. Doing that has costs, risks and pressures attached, however, and becoming FCA-registered may take considerable time.

One route more attractive for some is that of becoming an Appointed Representative (AR) – becoming your own boss, with your own brokerage and name above the door, but having an insurance ‘principal’ working with you and providing the FCA approvals, plus all back office, IT, marketing and much more.

If this sounds like a great way to get your dreams of running your own brokerage off the ground, we have Network Members UK-wide who wish to work with ambitious individuals like you.  Get in contact with us today and we can put you in touch.

Once you have learned how to fly, you may wish to then become a WTW Networks Member.  Whenever that may be, we will be here to assist you.

Start Ups

If you take the plunge and launch as an independent commercial insurance broker start-up business, you should seek a network that will provide you with key services and resources but, above all, match your ambition.

WTW Networks relishes working with ambitious, keen-to-grow commercial insurance brokers like you and welcomes start-up Network Members.  Their entrepreneurial spirit is matched by our own and, if they share our values, it can be a true meeting of business minds, as many start-up commercial insurance brokerages are fiercely independent in nature.

Start-up brokers gain the same level of access to our Network services as established brokers, with the full suite of services described in the rest of this website at their disposal.  Our in-house team is well used to working with entrepreneurs who want to get to progress quickly and can offer insight and guidance, even before you set up, offering assistance with subjects such as funding, , brand development and launch promotion.

If this is your preferred route into self-employment as an independent commercial insurance broker, we should be your first port of call.