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What does our Network seek in an independent insurance broker?

If you have a commitment to professionalism, and seek to only achieve the highest standards, it is likely that we could have a fruitful conversation about membership. However, we also need to see that you have a well-considered and achievable business plan, covering everything that successful growth requires.

  • Our independent brokers are often highly regarded individuals delivering insurance at the heart of their communities. They, like ourselves, believe in championing local brokers and ensuring that consolidation does not lead to the extinction of the committed community broker.
  • Our Members are typically those who appreciate our support for local insurance provision but who can also gain benefits from our global reach and the benefits that being affiliated to WTW brings.
  • Beyond professionalism (evidenced by our Chartered Status), we have core values relating to trust, honesty, hard work and collaboration. We wish to work with independent insurance brokers who share these values and want to use these to underpin their future growth.
  • We welcome those commercial insurance brokers who wish to grow in a compliant and profitable way.
  • We appreciate brokers who want to take on board the in-depth advice and support we can provide, through their Business Partner and other members of the team, and who understand and value the benefits that can be derived from our Partner Insurer relationships.
  • We embrace independent brokers who want to enjoy the benefits of a broker-to-broker approach and add value to our Network, by collaborating with their peers.
  • We wish to add like-minded brokers to our existing Business Family, so we can all enjoy successful and profitable futures. Being willing to contribute to the family and play a part in our events and other get-togethers is important to us.

If this sounds like the kind of support that you would value and which could be the difference between brokerage ‘limbo’ and dynamic growth, please contact us.

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What should you be looking for in a Network?

When considering which network is right for you, we believe the starting point should be to find one that mirrors your values. It is relatively easy for a network to make bold claims, so do your due diligence, talk to existing Members and research how network membership works, on a daily basis.

From there, you need to make sure there will be a focus on you as an individual; that you will not just be lumped in with the mass and be a statistic on a spreadsheet. How much effort will actually go into helping your brokerage grow, according to its specific needs? How well will a business partner actually understand your brokerage and your brokerage alone? How tailored to your needs will any data provision be? How many brokers will your business partner be handling and can they possibly devote the time and attention to you, which your brokerage needs?

Ask yourself all of these key questions and then consider some other important issues. Who owns the network you are considering? Is there a conflict of interest? How much stability is there behind the network? What is its heritage and track record?

Remember too that WTW Networks is the only independent network for insurance brokers.

Follow these steps and they should help guide you towards the network you require, for your brokerage, your personality and your growth objectives.

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An essential membership for any serious independent Broker which “Oozes the magic ingredient of Total Connectivity” Tony Ward, Turner Rawlinson & Co
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