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Going it alone can be tough and the learning curve can be a steep one. Having experts beside you, to guide you through this process, can be invaluable. It can steer you away from the pitfalls and also ensure you have a clear direction, as you navigate what can often become overwhelming within the typical new business start-up maze.

Business support for start-up insurance brokers

Our experts will understand what you are trying to achieve, by quickly interpreting your business plan and gaining a grasp of where your specialisms and talents are to be found. Your Business Partner will work with you, to ensure you capitalise on these and use them to drive your early business growth. They will help keep you on track with your targets and objectives and red-flag anything that could be blowing you off course. Providing the focus that you need, at a time when there are so many distractions that can eat up your time, is an invaluable part of what they can provide to you.

They will also hand-pick the elements of the WTW Networks membership offering that will really allow you to fly in the early days. You will be sign-posted to the right resources, at the right time and introduced to experts who can help keep you on the desired route towards growth. Having access to resources that would be unaffordable for the average start-up, is a key part of WTW Networks membership for a new broking business.

Remember that we do not offer a tiered membership. You will have access to absolutely everything, under one standard membership fee, if you join WTW Networks.

Insurance market reach

Our A-rated insurer partners have an in-depth understanding of our commitment to them, enabling us to enjoy fruitful and meaningful relationships across the market. This greatly assists our Members’ placement strategies and also enables us to offer our Members access to a range of unique covers and policy wordings, unavailable to the wider market.

Our approach is simple – local delivery of first-class insurance protection at the heart of the communities in which our Members operate, with the backing of global buying power, reach and expertise, provided by WTW.

Marketing support for insurance start-ups

Marketing is a crucial element of any new business venture, so the WTW Networks marketing team will be heavily involved. Advising you on your website, identifying marketing channels that you should be using, establishing your social media presence and developing sales pipelines will all be areas that you can cover, with their support.

Appointed Representatives

Whilst we are not an Appointed Representative (AR) network, we can provide a temporary home to those brokers who are in the process of acquiring their direct authorisation from the FCA.

During this time, you will be able to access all aspects of our service, other than placement, until your FCA authorisation comes through. When it does, you can then take full advantage of your WTW Networks membership.

Leading up to that point, you will have been able to potentially train staff (or yourself) through our Business School, access the business planning support of your dedicated Business Partner and take advantage of all of our marketing support services. This could get you off to a flying start, the minute you have permission to trade as a directly authorised broker.

Professionals returning to broking

One rewarding thing for our family-focused network is that we regularly see the return of independent insurance brokers. These individuals sold their businesses a few years ago and have now decided, once out of contractual agreements, that retirement is not for them.

Having worked with WTW Networks previously, they know exactly what we can offer and so re-join us, as they start to establish a new brokerage. That is the greatest compliment our network can receive.

If you are ready to find out more about joining WTW Networks, please get in touch by clicking the link below, or visit the rest of the website to find out more.

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Although hard to quantify perhaps the biggest benefit is the intellectual knowledge sharing and support. The knowledge that sits within WTW Networks and its Network Members is vast and to have that sounding board is incredibly helpful, it can be a lonely place when you first start out. If you have a problem it will almost certainly have been encountered by a fellow Network Member. Brian Weetman, Risk Hub Group
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