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Our mission

Our mission is to be a true partner on your growth journey, not just a sleeping partner who provides a framework of services and leaves you to your own devices.

Each one of our Business Partners supports only a handful of brokers, ensuring that a Member has a dedicated and informed approach and can benefit from a growth strategy built on in-depth knowledge of an individual broking business.

This boutique and highly tailored approach to a Member’s growth is one of the benefits that sets us apart.

Selecting the right elements of our broad proposition

Our Members benefit from a vast array of services and facilities. Our approach is not to just put all of these on a shelf and hope Members find them or choose the right ones. Instead, our Business Partners work closely with each of the handful of Members in their care, getting to know their brokerages inside-out. They can then steer Members to the parts of the proposition that are right for them, at the right time, according to where they are in their evolution.

Having a clear picture of what needs to be done, to put the pieces of the jigsaw into place, the Business Partner ensures that each Member has an optimised growth strategy and that they gain the maximum benefit from all that WTW Networks places at their disposal.

Delivering data insight as well as personal insight

Whilst our Business Partners’ in-depth understanding of their business is a huge factor in the growth journey that Members enjoy, we also deliver data insight, to sit alongside the personal insight.

WTW Networks has invested heavily in systems and software that have enabled us to harvest valuable Management Information (MI) that focuses on insurance placement across the Network. By analysing all of the data, we have been able to drill down to the level of each individual Member’s business. This enables us to assess where key opportunities lie – whether this be around optimising placement or driving increased earnings through cross-selling additional products.

This dynamic approach underpins the provision of bespoke growth plans for each Member. These draw on the in-depth MI and deliver a truly powerful level of data insight, suggesting where the best routes to growth can be found. We ensure that a brokerage does not waste time on other strategies that are likely to produce fewer benefits.

Adding focus to brokers’ growth

We utilise all of our intuitive data, to group brokers within our Network on the basis of shared profiling, be that via type of business placed, niches, size, geography or opportunities. This creates true broker to broker collaboration on many different levels across our Network, as we bring together groups of like-minded brokers that share the same issues, opportunities and aspirations.

In addition to these collaborative focus groups, we also bring together groups of Members and Partner Insurers who target similar growth product or sector areas, in our Pioneer Groups. Our Pioneer brokers share their understanding of the market and product solution requirements with WTW and Partner Insurers. These insights are used to develop enhanced placement solutions, through our Partner Insurers, which Members from across our Network can benefit from.

Our broker to broker networking activities bring Network Members together at both an international forum and a one-day UK conference each year, enabling peer support to be delivered and best practice shared. Such is the degree of mutual respect and trust within our Network that, with our support, those brokers who want an exit strategy, when the time is right, often sell to another Member, with whom they have built a rapport and enjoyed a great degree of camaraderie.

All Members are equal

We do not offer tiered memberships which provide Members with different services, according to their size or shape. Once you join WTW Networks, you have access to absolutely everything that we offer – exactly the same benefits as are enjoyed by all of your peers within the Network. This level of access and Member equality is an important cornerstone of our “Network family”, within which everyone is treated in the same way and no service is password-protected or hidden from the view of certain Members.

The WTW advantage

The Network is essentially WTW’s route to the SME market place. This means that we can offer a collaborative approach, and on many occasions we introduce Network Members to opportunities that fall below WTW’s appetite level.

Where Members target larger cases, we will look to identify ways of supporting them, through access to our expertise and placement reach. This can often result in joint solutions being offered, which can provide clients and prospects with the best of both worlds.

What a fantastic experience joining the WTW Network has been. All of the interactions I have had with the Network have been great. It’s making a massive difference and will allow me to punch massively above my weight. Henry Gallacher, Cape Insurance
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