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Established brokers in the WTW independent insurance broker network

The established brokers who have become WTW Network Members have tended to join our family through two routes.

Some have never been part of a network but have suddenly perceived the advantages of our focused growth programmes, network support and peer-to-peer opportunities. They want to belong to something bigger and feel part of an independent broker community. As consolidation continues apace, this is becoming higher up the wish-list of established brokers who are starting to feel isolated within the marketplace.

Established brokers may also come to us from another network, which may not have delivered on their expectations. They may be serious about growth but not had the dedicated and focused support that WTW Networks can provide. They may have found themselves competing with the network owner or feel there is no real support with placement strategy.

Network benefits for established independent insurance brokers

Either way, we have a plethora of benefits to offer to established brokers.

We invest our time and energy in their growth, perhaps at a time when it has started to slow down and needs new ideas and strategies, to give it a real boost.

Using our in-depth data insights and profiling systems, we can compare an established broker, joining our network, with other similar Members. This allows us to analyse where opportunities could be being missed. This could be down to a failure to recognise cross-selling opportunities, or due to not having had the access to market and insurers that our Members enjoy.

It could equally be because other networks do not have the global influence that we enjoy through our affiliation with WTW leaving a broker unable to place very large or international risks.

Established brokers and their Business Partners

With a dedicated Business Partner, an established broker can work through all of this, on a one-to-one basis, and ascertain where the routes to greater growth and profitability can be found. By bringing in other resources, at an optimised time, they can also perhaps review their marketing strategies, with our in-house team’s assistance, and assess whether skills training or staff development could unlock some growth potential. By working with our Business School, there is every opportunity to ensure that a lack of product knowledge does not hold a sales team back.

With our ability to put every facet of an established brokerage under our microscope and together discuss and devise a bespoke growth plan, we can rapidly start to boost a brokerage.

As champions of independent insurance brokers, our one goal is to see a brokerage succeed and establish strong working bonds with our Partner Insurers. To this end, we will do all we can to make sure your brokerage derives tangible business benefits from your WTW Networks membership.

If you are ready to find out more about joining WTW Networks, please get in touch by clicking the link below, or visit the rest of the website to find out more.

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