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Our Purpose

Our idea is simple – to create a standout Insurance Broker Network. We bring together Network Members, Insurers and the expertise of WTW to form a unique alliance, using our combined strength to benefit clients, while maintaining the independence of individual brokers.

WTW Networks have enjoyed 20 years of stability and delivering the resources that enable our independent insurance brokers to grow and thrive. We were the first insurance Network to achieve Chartered Status that is the symbol of professionalism in our insurance industry and continue to hold this honour. We are proud that many of Network Members are embracing the opportunities that being a Chartered Broker brings. The changes within insurance come quickly and we ensure that our Network Members are ready to benefit from the opportunity that change affords.

WTW Networks is an insurance business family bringing A-rated Insurers and the resources of WTW together to back our Network Members own local expertise.

As a Network Member you will benefit from our own Business School programme of insurance training, webinars and podcasts. Our dedicated Marketing Consultancy provides guidance on how to capitalise on opportunities to win insurance business and set our Network Members above the competition. Our dedicated Insurer Relations team ensure we have highly competitive commissions, exclusive wordings and will work with you to make your books work harder for you, (without putting any specific deals at risk).

  • Helping you win new business

We want to help you win all-important new business. We will invest time and expertise in you via our Business School programme of insurance training, webinars and podcasts.  We offer you dedicated marketing consultancy, that is not off-the-shelf but tailored  to your business.  We do not charge extra for our services and do not band our support into chargeable tiers.

  • Member equality and security

All Members are treated equally within WTW Networks, regardless of size. All receive competitive commissions, exclusive policy wordings and insight into their books of business. All of our Members can access mentoring, consultancy, learning and professional development and expert Business Partner ‘sounding boards’, as they seek to grow.

  • Digitally dynamic

We recognise the need to be at the forefront of digital technologies and we provide Network Members with digital solutions that will enhance their proposition to their clients and win business. Our very own broker app is an example of how we   are assisting with driving broker growth and creating real stand out for Network Members

Backing this is our own CRM system, focused on driving sales campaigns and helping Network Members identify existing client and prospect opportunities in a more considered and customer-centric way.

  • Business Partner Mentoring

Joining WTW Networks is the start of a business enrichment journey, delivered through your own dedicated Business Partner and focused on the growth support you individually require.  Your Business Partner will have a limited panel of Network Members to work with, thus retaining sharp focus on your business growth, wherever you are in your business life-cycle.

  • Peer Support

Our insurance broker Network is an inclusive one, sharing best practice freely.  Network Members are peers who enjoy supporting each other and talking about individual experiences and the learning derived from them.  Regular networking – whether in-person or virtual – fosters the inter-connectivity of like-minded insurance broker professionals, facing the same challenges.

Importantly, WTW, provides its global network of resources and specialisms to help our Network Members win business. Unlike other brokers WTW will never compete against its own Network.

The WTW Networks and all of its resources is the best Networking “Business Family” anyone can ask for, its wealth of knowledge sharing is second to none. Christine Ronan, Daines Kapp Insurance Brokers
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One Business Family

Our Network Members are part of a Network with a true family feel, striving to continually boost their growth.  We share their concerns, appreciate their issues and are on-hand whenever access to informed practical advice, or just a good listener, is of value. We see Network Members as people, with real needs and aspirations, who sometimes face obstacles which need to be overcome with the assistance of our empathy, in-depth knowledge, insurer relationships and resources.

Through the“Focus on You” programme we receive valuable input from the WTW team which allows us to share and shape our plans for our business. Steve Beeley, Routen Chaplin

Chartered Status

Why Our Chartered Insurance Status is Good for Brokers

Professional standards are of paramount importance to us, which is why we set professional benchmarks in our sector.

Becoming the first insurance broker network to attain Chartered Insurance status – something awarded by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), the guardian of standards within our sector – was one such benchmark.

Professionalism and expertise matter to us. Using the Chartered Insurance broker logo is a public declaration of our professional standards and is of great importance to the independent commercial brokers associated with our brand.

Attaining this status requires a network to be open and transparent, publicly committed to the ethics and values of the CII and wholly focused on the provision of advice, based on up-to-date, qualification-backed knowledge and aiming to deliver good customer outcomes.  This is what WTW Networks stands for.

  • Chartered Insurance Status for Network Members

 We see the indirect advantages of our own status for Members and are committed to helping them gain their own Chartered status.  This can provide competitive advantage, engendering customer trust and suggesting that a broker is the right expert with which to work, due to their commitment to quality.

This status speaks volumes about integrity, in a world increasingly bereft  of Internet fraud and difficulties in adjudging honesty and values.

Cascading our knowledge of Chartered Insurance standards down through our Network, has already seen some of our insurance broker Members follow in our footsteps.

You could be the next to achieve this industry recognition, with our help.

Increasingly, insurers and clients are looking to work with brokers who can demonstrate their commitment to quality. We are actively working with Network Members to support them in achieving their own Chartered Status.

Shared Values

We firmly believe that what you stand for matters.  The strength of our Network is rooted in the values we share with our Network Members and our aligned vision is the spine of our success.

We sum up our shared values as:

  • Putting clients’ needs at the heart of all we do, whilst delivering the highest levels of service, quality and innovation.
  • Focusing on, and driving forward, ever-improving standards, whilst continually demonstrating our involvement, accountability and professionalism.
  • Working together, to maximise and channel the benefits of our expertise and insurance status purposefully, so our Network Members have the opportunity to enjoy strong business growth and development.


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