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Our history as an independent insurance broker network

WTW Networks was founded in 1999 and has enjoyed the benefits of stability that emanate from strong backing and global reach. Our belief in independent insurance brokers has never wavered. We have continually evolved our Network proposition, to take into account the ever-changing nature of the insurance market and the macro environment.

Our proposition has, therefore, always stayed relevant and true to our core principle of doing all that is necessary to support the growth of our Network Members. The strategies and tactics may have altered over the years but our mission has stayed the same – to drive Member growth and deliver mutual benefit to Members, our insurer partners and WTW.

Our Network ethos

Our ethos is to forge a relationship between ambitious and growth-focused brokers and our A-rated insurer partners.

This relationship is built on trust, a shared desire to place more business and a belief that the global and top-level expertise, which WTW brings to the table, will create a stand-out proposition when the broker comes to pitch their offering to the client.

At that point, a Member may well find their larger pitch supported by a WTW Network expert, by their side and supporting their growth in a hands-on, direct way.

Insurance market reach

Our A-rated insurer partners have an in-depth understanding of our commitment to them, enabling us to enjoy fruitful and meaningful relationships across the market. This greatly assists our Members’ placement strategies and also enables us to offer our Members access to a range of unique covers and policy wordings, unavailable to the wider market.

Our approach is simple – local delivery of first-class insurance protection at the heart of the communities in which our Members operate, with the backing of global buying power, reach and expertise, provided by WTW.

Ability to place both local and global risks

No other Network can offer members this compelling proposition. It is one that, on the one hand, allows Members to offer clients the very best insurance covers locally. On the other, it allows any Network Member to eye the bigger picture and consider handling international risks, as well as the very largest risks in the UK. There are no limits or restraints placed on Members’ ambitions and, if the insurance markets have an appetite for a risk, we can invariably help Members place it.

Chartered status

WTW Networks was the first Network to achieve Chartered Status – the symbol of professionalism within the insurance sector. Various Members have also followed suit and become Chartered insurance brokers in their own right, with a rich vein of professionalism running through our entire Network.

Member recruitment principles

What we stand for is quality, which is why we have a rigorous Member recruitment criteria. We wish to partner in the growth of brokers who understand that success is dependent on hard work, the highest level of ethics and a robust business plan that stands up to the greatest level of scrutiny.

A WTW Networks Member must know what they want to achieve and how they are going to get there, having definite business strategies built into their plan, along with a clear view of who their target clients will be and how they will attract them. If they have that self-awareness and the self-motivation to bring their business plan to fruition, we can offer them all the tools they need to make the journey to growth faster.

We can then provide all the advice and expertise they require, to support their larger, more profitable brokerage and secure its long-term future.

We are not your average Network but one that stands apart, in terms of integrity, its commitment to Members and its dedicated investment in Member growth. We are not interested in playing a network numbers game. We simply want to work with like-minded insurance professionals, in a focused way and one made possible by virtue of operating a boutique-sized network.

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What makes us different
Great team who genuinely show interest in your business and will back your corner when it counts. Himesh Patel, Mantra Insurance

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