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What Prospects expect

One great selling point of the Network now is that we are the ONLY global broker backed Network in the market. This is a strong feature that is of interest to potential Network Members as they want to be in an environment that they feel is complimentary and understands their needs. Joining a Network is not about the money.

As the discussions development there are key areas, of our wide proposition that keep cropping up as needs of a new member at whatever level they are at. These are:

  • Insurer Relations and access to senior insurer personnel
  • Marketing assistance
  • Training and staff development

These three “headline acts” are all provided in-house by Networks Personnel, our marketing team are all fully qualified, our Business School keeps breaking its own records and our events programme and close relationships ensures we have some very fruitful relationships growing between our Network Members and our Partner Insurers.

The importance of these great relationships are keystones in attracting new Network Members into Willis Towers Watson Networks.

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