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Back to news17 May 2021

The Insurer Relations team are a busy team

Working closely with Partner Insurers and our Network Members across many areas. Our Placement Board has really brought our Partner Insurer relationships to the forefront of Network activity to give Network Members key advantages and USPs in the market-place. These can be via Exclusive Wordings, Exclusive Pricing or both. These are currently being collated into a Networks Select suite where Network Members can easily access these exclusive products.

Regular meetings and updates are programmed across the year to ensure the closeness of the relationships are maintained and growth is being monitored. The development of the Networks MI project is showing great potential for business growth for all parties and this will be presented to Partner Insurers across the year.

Our expert in the “broom cupboard” is also kept busy helping Network Members with understanding of wording queries and claims issues. Recently Paul has been providing his opinion on:

  • Racecourse flooded by damaged council owned culvert with a claim for approx. £200k – insurer points not covered as excluded in wording, despite it being listed on the business description.
  • Storm damage caused water ingress to a commercial workshop standard construction single storey. Loss adjuster used drone footage to inspect roof & pictures showed no signs of damage but did show signs of moss growing on roof. Insurer has denied claim on wear & tear and lack of maintenance.
  • Excavator stolen from site; insurers pointed out the unattended security condition included the provision of constant surveillance. Broker queried this as not defined in clause – asked broker for further information to see if existing setup was live monitored, as recorded CCTV would possibly not tick the box if that were the case.