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Back to news19 Jul 2021

Staycation Forum

Sadly, we were not able to travel to meet in person, so we decided to make the best of a virtual world by creating our own Staycation Forum. This was a whole week of activity covering a wide breadth of topics, with our Partner Insurers delivering a series of fantastic, insightful content that our Network Members could take back into their business.

There were over 35 sessions covering every aspect of risk management, product information, marketing, CMS systems, mental health and wellbeing, cyber, terrorism plus a lot more.

The interaction and participation from you, our Partners, was phenomenal. The expertise, case studies and access to information and resources made available for our Network Members really will benefit them going forward.

We introduced our ‘Foundations Programme‘, which you can read more about in our Business School section and is aimed at building a knowledge base for those coming into the industry.

Sara Fardon launched our ‘Focus on Growth‘ programme with an aspiration to add £10,000,000 into Willis Towers Watson Networks and its markets.

Finally, thank you to everyone who made the Staycation Forum a fantastic success.