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Partner Insurer Engagement

Our Placement Board have been working hard on creating opportunities for you, our Partners, to get closer to our Network Members. Our MI Project is showing game changing results and will enable us to to review opportunities in all classes in a more granular detail.

We are developing our Networks Select product suite which will give our Network Members a competitive edge. Each product in this suite is only available to Willis Towers Watson Networks Members and has an element of exclusivity that is not available elsewhere.

We have just launched our Focus on Growth programme for Network Members which you should have received. If you have not received the introduction please contact [email protected]

Focus on Growth enables us to harvest the information we have at our disposal to identify opportunities that will enable Network Members and our Partner Insurers to grow their businesses whilst always putting the client at the heart of everything we do. Through engagement with our Network Members we will agree the opportunities that we will jointly work on and through engagement with our Partner Insurers we will ensure that these are delivered on for the collective benefit of all parties