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Back to news17 May 2021

Filling the riding boots left by Julie McCarthy

We welcome Jason Denton to Willis Towers Watson Networks.

Jason has over 30 years’ experience in Insurance. He started with started in Eagle Star Commercial, Manchester in 1989 before moving to Eagle Star/Zurich Engineering and Zurich Risk Services from 1991 to 2004 in underwriting & business development underwriting roles. Jason then moved on to Allianz Engineering from 2004 to 2014 as Account Development Manager for the Northern Region.

In 2014 Jason moved to VPS providing his expertise across their risk management service portfolio for vacant properties, occupied properties and construction sites. After three years with VPS Jason put his wheels on and worked with the technology side of fleet management.

Taking on the North West and Northern Ireland for Networks is a challenge Jason is embracing, even in this virtual world. He has already settled into editorial duties with Covernotes as well as getting to know his Network Members and Partner Insurers and is looking forward to being part of the next generation of aspiring Network Members growth.

Jason first encountered the Network when he worked at Allianz Engineering. He had the responsibility of managing the Network relationship and during this time he got to know the Networks team and their objective to deliver value and growth to the Network Members and Partner Insurers. Jason had fond memories of this time and it was one of the drivers in his application for the role as well as wanting to be part of a stable team with a wealth of knowledge and experience where he could combine with his own knowledge and experiences to put into place actions which will lead to long-term profitable relationships with Network Members, Partner Insurers and other Willis Towers Watson teams. This truly is an opportunity to be excited by.

We asked Jason – “How do you see our Network helping Network Members achieve their aspirations?

Jason responded with, “By understanding the business activity that Network Members feel adds value to their business and helps them achieve their goals. – I believe the wide range of capabilities that Network offers to the Network Members assists them in achieving their aspirations.

Since joining, my eyes have been opened by the Business School offering and how this is assisting with the learning and development of Network Members to help them reach their goals. I feel the Network Members have access to unparalleled marketing consultancy support which will support them with the securing and retention of clients.

I am impressed to the level and extent Network helps their Network Members access support from the wider Willis Towers Watson estate, assisting with securing new clients and retaining existing clients. This support network, which is global, I am already convinced that the Willis Towers Watson relationship makes a material difference to winning and retaining business.”

Jason continues, “There is a great team ethic within the membership which brings results. I see the Network Members helping each other with sharing their expertise, knowledge and scheme arrangements which is helping all concerned. Our Partner Insurers and our exclusive facility is providing Network Members with quality placement solutions and in an ever changing world, this Network can assist by providing solutions to the needs of the Network Members and ultimately the Network Members can provide propositions to meet the demands of their clients.

The biggest strengths of Networks Jason sees at present are the community feel and how we are all looking to work together to see the goals of all concerned are achieved and the ability for Network Members to access experience, knowledge, skills, services, systems and propositions which they normally would not be able to access.

Jason’s view on the relationship the Network brings between Network Members and Partner Insurers is one of collaboration and bringing all relevant people together so long-term profitable relationships can be achieved. Network does deliver value for Partner Insurers and Network Members because the relationship allows for focused engagement between each of them and he believes this leads to increased placement of business into Partner Insurers which generates additional earnings.

As the “new boy” Jason’s thoughts on how Networks can enhance the relationships and get more for Partner Insurers include building on existing relationships and putting in place actions which see us deliver against a recognised set of services which deliver value to all concerned. Giving Partner Insurers various platforms to talk to and meet with Network Members. Using Management Information to enable focused placement discussions to identify opportunities for business to be placed with Partner Insurers from non-Partners and for Product/Services enhancement or development.

This is truly an exciting time for Jason to have joined Networks with his experience and the future opportunity that is potentially unfolding for all. It is a great time to get back to working normally and Jason is determined to make his own impact in Networks folklore. Welcome aboard Jason!