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Back to news13 Sep 2021

Business School

We have just kicked off our Autumn Networks Business School Programme which will include nearly 40 different Learning and Development webinars for our Network Members to take advantage of.  In addition, we are continuing our very popular Back to Basics series which is enabling Network Member staff to learn about topics for this first time or to refresh their knowledge on a subject.

For those now looking to take their knowledge to the next level, we are launching our Intermediate series.  This will see our resident expert, Jim Keogh, take many of the topics covered in Back to Basics over the last few months and develop the learning of delegates by drilling into the detail and complexities of the subject matter.

Our Partner Insurers are again heavily featured in our Autumn Programme.  AIG, AXA, Chubb, HSB, Lorega, Markel, NMU, Premium Credit, QBE and UNUM are all delivering webinars and taking advantage of the opportunity to engage with our Network Members, whilst passing on their knowledge and expertise on a variety of topics. It won’t be long before we are planning our content for the first part of 2022 so please get in touch with Mark Cobham if you would like to be involved.

We have just launched our brand-new Foundations Programme which is aimed at school/college leavers or those with less than a years experience working in insurance. Through 18 modules which will be delivered by live webinar over a 10-month period, we will equip delegates with the skills and knowledge needed as they start their careers in insurance.

Modules will provide technical insurance knowledge and offer insight into specific products. They will also cover a range of skills-based topics such as broking, presenting and negotiation skills. They will also focus on more generic skills including business etiquette, time management and delivering bad news, which will help delegates develop their own personal brand and social media presence.

At a time when recruitment of experienced personnel is difficult, many brokers are looking to ‘grow their own’ and our Network Members are no different. Our new Foundations Programme enables our Network Members to invest significantly in the development of their new recruits. This enables employers to attract and retain new talent, whilst the individuals benefit from a complete package of training they could not get anywhere else. We have been delighted with the take up, with just over 30 delegates about to be welcomed onto the Programme.

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