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Business Partners

Every new Network Member goes through a comprehensive on-boarding process – welcome to Networks and how we help.

The on-boarding process is extensive, taking the Network Member and their team through the Networks proposition and where they are able to access the resources they need to benefit their business. These include placement options via our Partner Insurers, our Business School, the global resources of Willis Towers Watson plus much much more. Recently, whilst our Business Partner was on-boarding a new Network Member, they also received a sign-up to our new Foundations training programme, aimed at School/College Leavers who are starting their insurance careers at our Network Members.

Our Business Partners add a great deal of value to our Network Members businesses by ensuring they really get to know each Member they look after. As a result they can ensure each Member is making the most of the Network resources available to them to help grow their business.

Business Partner Charlie Jones was shortlisted in the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals – Face of the Future – Finance Awards.

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