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Back to news15 Dec 2021

Alistair Hart, Hart Insurance Brokers, Helensburgh

I am the owner and MD of a 3rd generation business established in 1965. The firm joined the Network nearly 15 years ago and have enjoyed not only business benefits but experiences of interacting with fellow Network Members. Sharing knowledge freely is what the Network is all about and with that in mind I successfully stood for Governance Committee (GC) three years ago.

Having served one term on GC I would be delighted to serve the membership for a further term. I do strongly believe that the GC have made a positive impact on the development of the Network and product delivery whilst ensuring that the business of the network is kept on point.

As an example of those positive changes, the introduction of GC participation in Insurer Insight meetings over the last three years have been welcomed by Insurers and Network Members alike leading to a greater visibility of the roles and responsibilities of the GC collectively.

We have achieved a lot but there is also a lot more work to be done and with the support of the Network members I will continue to work on their behalf.

Thank you.

Alistair Hart, Hart Insurance Brokers
[email protected]

Alastair Hart