You will keep your independence while reaping the benefits of global support

Network Benefits

A powerful combination designed to help you grow your business and fulfil your ambitions.

The Willis Towers Watson Networks proposition is quite simple: retain your independent status and local presence while benefiting from the expertise, influence, support and capability of our global resources and relationships. That is why we are the standout Insurance Broker Network.

By working together and leveraging our collective strengths, we ensure that insurers, partners and suppliers see us as one. This gives us the buying power to achieve beneficial rates and services for our clients, including a premium finance facility, CII & BIBA services.

As a Network Member, you’ll benefit from a wide range of resources and services, from broking, compliance and training to marketing, product development and business planning.

I had a client query around, RMAR, I called the Willis Towers Watson Networks compliance team and found the advice given not only clarified the issues but I found the advice to come from a person who was better equipped and informed than others I have spoken to outside of Networks. 

Stephen McAnee, H A Leslie