We have a tech-desk exclusively for our Network Members

Tech Clinic

Our Tech Desk helps gives clarity to Network Members queries on insurer policy wordings, especially when a claim may be involved. Our Tech-Desk give an opinion on the wording and how it may be interpreted going forward. This has proven to be a particular favourite with our Network Members.

We are delighted to be part of Willis Towers Watson Networks and we truly value the organisation and the people. Your professionalism shines through.

Nigel Smith, Smith England

In addition to the enhancements we negotiate into our insurer wordings for our Network Members, we understand that confusion can still reign for your clients at the time of a claim. Our Tech-Desk is designed specifically to help our Network Members interpret wordings and how they can affect clients’ claims, before it gets to the costly legal stage.

Our Tech-Desk is offers an opinion as it looks at all aspects of wordings, for exclusions, conditions and warranties, to definitions and clients’ contractual agreements, examining policy interpretation and Insurer responses. It provides access to a wide range of experience within all areas of Willis Towers Watson. Our Network Members can then advise clients of our opinion (which is all we can offer), so they can decide what steps to take.