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Marketing Campaign Tools

As part of Willis Towers Watson Networks commitment to helping Network Members drive sales into their business, we provide a CRM system called MyAcquire.

Willis Towers Watson Networks provide each of the Networks Members with a FREE CRM system called MyAcquire. This enables our Network Members to keep track of the clients and prospects; MyAcquire also helps to develop sales and marketing campaigns that can be easily sent and reported on through MyAcquire so you can measure the effectiveness of your activity

MyAcquire is GDPR compliant ready and with comes with FREE Training and ongoing FREE Support from the Willis Towers Watson Networks Team and as there is no restriction on licenses for Networks Members all in our Network Members can make use of MyAcquire

Network Members sent 119,808 targeted emails to prospects & existing clients via MyAcquire between January and June.

Statistics for 2018

The support we received in working through and tendering our small commercial business has greatly enhanced our efficiency, profitability and relationships with partner insurers.

Richard Bright, JRT Insurance