Training & development via our own business school

Business School

Our Business School delivers over 1000 hours of training each year to our Networks Members across various formats. Over 600 Network Members have used the Business School for their benefit and the content has ranged from 15 minutes web bites, through to full day face to face training.

60 courses, 1006 attendances, 2200 hours of training delivered.

Statistics gathered

Our dedicated Business School provides our Network Members with training that suits their particular needs. For staff development, for business development and for skills uplift; the Business School use many different platforms to deliver Network Members training wants, to fit around their business.

The Business School makes use of modern technology to deliver webinar's direct to the individual desk as well as the more traditional face to face learning. A very popular introduction has been our 15 Minute “bite sized” webinars.

I have been in Networks most of my working career and the Networks has played an instrumental part of my development and training as I have progressed my career to the role of Managing Director of Mathews Comfort

Russell Thynne - Managing Director of Mathews Comfort